#ArlingtonVA. The skyline is changing daily, reflecting significant growth. However, there are no state-wide policies, and the County lacks regulations to inform you about noise and air pollution from construction. Authorities know the risks but do nothing to warn residents. They’re deciding on our future without our knowledge.

Let’s cut through the glitter for a sec!
They are bulldozing old buildings which contain hazardous toxic materials such as silica and asbestos, and those are in the air you breathe. The air quality monitors are deliberately placed far away from where they are needed. You are being exposed to hazardous substances but you can’t see them because they are in the air and the risks are being kept from you. The heavy machinery noise is all part of the ‘package deal’. And the construction noise never stops, not even on holidays or weekends.

Asthma, Lung Cancer, Silicosis, COPD, Increased risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes, Kidney Disease, Hypertension, Neurological Effects in Adults including Reduced Brain Volume, Cognitive Decrements and Dementia, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Fatigue, Sleep Disruption, Memory Loss, Attention Deficit, Birth defects, Reduced Fertility, Decreased Productivity and Children’s Learning Disabilities

“The only ‘potential’ thing …is for you to get sick”

Why EPA has labeled silica as “the new asbestos?”

Construction dust contains silica, which, being 100 times finer than a grain of sand, is invisible to the naked eye and can penetrate the lungs and bloodstream, causing irreversible damage and potentially fatal consequences.

Why no one is monitoring the Pollution Levels in Arlington,VA?

What is the truth?

Construction Noise Exposure

Machinery noise: The loud noise and vibration from heavy machinery contribute to stress, fatigue, sleep disruption, and hearing damage in infants. The long-term exposure can impair memory and focus and decreased quality of life. It can also impact children’s learning abilities and overall well-being. The high decibel noise may also unsettle pets.

Danger of Construction Dust

Construction dust contains silica, which, being 100 times finer than a grain of sand, is invisible to the naked eye and can penetrate the lungs and bloodstream, causing irreversible damage. Silica is a carcinogen known to increase rates of asthma, and a progressive incurable lung diseases such as silicosis, that may ultimately require a lung transplant. It may also cause tuberculosis and cancer, kidney and heart diseases.

It’s not just dusty, it’s ‘dirty’!

Because the truth is inconvenient. The developers and the County are betting on one thing, that if you don’t see it online, you’ll believe there’s nothing to worry about.

Instead of facts, you’re sold picturesque renderings, distractions from the gritty reality. Economic growth and urban development, have prioritization over environmental concerns and humans rights and they stay silent on issues that could potentially slow down or complicate projects, including the dissemination of information regarding pollution and its associated health risks on the community living nearby these sites. They’re banking on the fact that the dazzle of development will blind folks to the smog of its wake.

While construction is a sign of growth and development, it’s essential that it doesn’t come at the expense of the community.

We’re dealing with real hazards here. They’re turning a blind eye… and it’s no accident!

The incessant hammering is a shockwave piercing through anyone eardrums and reaching up even the higher floor on high rises. We are staring down a project that will last years to come. Is a daily and night construction work.

The dust can infiltrate buildings’ air ventilation systems, even if windows are kept closed. There are not currently systems in place to prevent the dust from reaching people homes and offices. The county dust mitigation system is ineffective and was created 50 years ago.

To admit to the risks of living by these major urban redevelopment is to open the floodgates to potential financial loss, stalling projects that are the lifeblood of city’s portfolios. No air or noise monitoring on site, no data, no testing, no previous experience. Arlington redevelopment is a 30-year old plan, that’s right, started that long time ago. Multiple high-rises, infrastructure adjustments, and no prior blueprint or data for something of this magnitude. But not disclosures yet to the community about the risks of living surrounded by construction sites.

“I crack open the OSHA rulebook. It’s useless here. We’re not talking one building, we’re reshaping a city. And there are zero regulations for that level of audacity and only covers construction workers.”

Arlington County defers to the state level for air regulations…so who’s taking charge?

Seems jurisdiction lines blur when it’s about the health of the community.

Air Quality: No monitors, NO testing. General DEQ monitoring doesn’t cut it. What are they hiding?

Noise: Day or night, we’re exposed. Chronic exposure to high noise levels can lead to stress, hearing loss, and more.

What is in the Air?

Dust from construction and demolition contains silica and other hazardous particles. Despite the extensive construction activities no one is testing for air quality and there are no air monitoring systems in place near these locations.

…How Loud is Too Loud?

Arlington County

Is the health of a community the price tag for progress?

Arlington redevelopment is a 30-year old plan, that’s right, started that long time ago!

The County and developers spent a quarter-century meticulously planning this urban transformation, adapting policies along the way. But did they overlook basic human necessities? It’s implausible that over three decades, no one else spotted these concerns. I won’t claim they acted knowingly. So, what happened to those voices? Were they sidelined? Who made the call to sacrifice a few of us for the greater good?

Hon. Mr. Dorsey can you assure everyone, both residents and those who are here from 9 to 5, that their health is not at risk as a result of the constant dust and noise from the ongoing construction and demolition work in Arlington?

Is Construction Dust Invading Your Living Room or Office?

Is this just an outdoor concern?

Dirty air filters, only 30 days old instead of the advertised 90, raised questions about the air quality leading me to suspect that construction dust was finding its way into my apartment, despite my efforts to keep my windows closed.

Demolition of a building with asbestos